Table 316 Steakhouse

Gambler jack loved spending time in the gaming houses on the west coast  but could never forget the evenings spent on the prairie when his Dear mother,  Emma Mae, would char grill perfectly aged Iowa beef steaks. jack would dream of the taste and smell of those thick juicy expertly seasoned Iowa prime beef steaks.    After some pondering with his wife, Saloon Sally, he decided move back to the  Iowa great lakes to bring both his favorites to you. Its a sure bet that whether you  want a sandwich or a steak dinner, Gambler jack and Sally Saloon can accommodate you.  

Happy Hour

3:16 pm - 4: 16 pm
$.16 Tap Beer, $1.16 Wine, $1.16 Appetizer, $7.16 Steak Special
4:16 pm - 5: 16 pm
$1.16 Tap Beer, $2.16 Wine, $2.16 Appetizer, $8.16 Steak Special
5:16 pm - 6: 16 pm
$2.16 Tap Beer, $3.16 Wine, $3.16 Appetizer, $9.16 Steak Special

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Morning 9:16 am ~ 1:16 pm

Full Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Features

Drink Specials
Bloody Mary
Peach, Strawberry or Grape Mimosa

Porterhouse Tuesday

Porterhouse Steak Dinner $19.99

“Two Steaks in One” Filet Mignon on one side and New York strip on the other.  Table 316 Steakhouse’s prime grade a Iowa Porterhouse Steaks are seasoned and char grilled to perfection.  Includes your choice of side.


Meat Raffle

1. Thirty $1.00 raffle tickets per game. Each game has one meat winner and one drink winner.  

2. Raffel is held at Table 316 Steakhouse EVERY THURSDAY starting at 5:00 pm. Sponsored by the Masonic Twighlight Lodge NO. 329, Spirit Lake.

3.  No tickets sold in advance. Must be present to win.  

4.  ALL PROCEEDS ARE RETAINED BY the Masonic Twilight Lodge NO. 329, Spirit Lake.  

Key Chain Drawing

1. Key Chains are FREE. No purchase necessary.  


3. Drawings are EVERY THURSDAY at 6:00 pm.  

4. Drawings are progressive. Pot starts at $116 and, unless a winner is drawn, continues to increase each week by $100 until the pot reaches $516 

5. On Thursdays when the pot is $116, $216, $316 and $416 ONLY one Key chain number is drawn. 

6. On Thursdays when the pot is $516 one Key Chain Number is drawn, if no one is there to claim the pot, then the pot will be broken down to three $125 drawings and $141 for the final drawing. At this time, Key Chain numbers will be drawn until someone in the building wins for each drawing. 

7. KEEP YOUR KEY CHAIN. Your number always stays the same. Your key chain number is always entered once every week even if you have won previously. 

8. No new key chains will be given out on Thursday until after the drawing is completed.  


Gambler Jack's Challenge

64 oz Prime Rib Dinner Free if you can eat all of it ALONE

Must finish entire dinner including Prime rib, two sides and a dinner roll alone within 30 minutes.   

Or share the meal and take the leftovers home for prime rib sandwiches.   

Reservations required.

Sunday Breakfast Menu

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117 N Highway 71, Arnolds Park, Iowa 51331, United States

(712) 332-6090


Monday ~ Thursday 

3:16 pm ~ 9:16 pm

Friday ~ Saturday 

3:16 pm ~ 10:16 pm


9:16 am ~ 1: 16 pm

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